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James (Mad Jam)

James (Mad Jam)

FOSS, Web Dev, DevOps, Gaming, Linux, and whatever else


Setting Up Traefik Reverse Proxy (with HTTPS) - Docker Compose
·363 words· 0 · 0
traefik docker reverse-proxy https
Selfhost a Minecraft Server With Docker
·145 words· 0 · 0
docker hosting selfhosting minecraft server
Budget Linear Keyboard Build (December 2022)
·404 words· 0 · 0
mechanical keyboard linear gateron yellow gmmk
How To Add Git Credentials On Linux and macOS Hosts (SSH and PAT)
·388 words· 0 · 0
git github macos linux pat ssh auth
Re-Learning How to Solve The Rubiks Cube
·206 words· 0 · 0
rubicks cube puzzle