About Me

Hello, World 👋

I really enjoy exploring the technology (both new and old) that powers our lives. That will be a focus on this blog - many posts will be about my experiences with technology, gaming, computers and whatever else I feel like writing about on a given day.


I am currently working as a Data Center Technician at Google as of Feb. 2023. Opinions are my own and not the views of my employer


I graduated with a B.T. in Computer Science in Fall of 2021 from CSU.


I am located in the greater Charleston area.

Programming Languages

Here are the programming languages that I like to use:

Intermediate Level

Beginner Level

Tech Areas of Interest

Here’s a list of the things I like to mess around with in no particular order:

Other hobbies

Other subjects I enjoy learning about include: history, art, psychology, physics, geometry and philosophy, not necessarily in that order.

PC Gaming

I do enjoy assembling high-end (or even budget) PCs and playing games as well. You can find me on the following platforms


Feel free to contact me through any of the methods below:


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