Changing Hugo Themes

Revisiting Hugo Themes :heart:

I started using Hugo in 2019 and have stuck with the same theme for my blog for the most of that time… until now.

I ended up on Blowfish mostly because the flexibility of layouts and feature set was exactly what I was looking for in a theme.

Hugo Learnings

I also learned some things about Hugo content organization, changing Site params in frontmatter and a directory based config approach (compared to a single file).

Content Organization

In the root of a hugo site, there will 99% of the time be a content directory to keep markdown files, but you are not limited to only markdown files. You can really put any file there with a valid mimetype.

Browsing the blowfish exampleSite code, I saw that each post or article lived in a article named directory with an file for the content and a featured.png to be shown in the “Hero Section” of the article (or in the background if that is set).

$ tree themes/blowfish/exampleSite/content/docs/
├── featured.png
├── home-background.png
├── home-card.png
├── home-hero.png
├── home-list.png
├── home-page.png
├── home-profile.png

This is a departure from the way I was doing images before, which involved storing pictures in /assets/ and then referencing the path either in the frontmatter or within the post itself.

In all honesty, I prefer the new way of keeping a self-contained Page Bundles with all the assets it needs in one directory - so I will likely start doing that for new posts.

Setting .Site.Params in frontmatter

This is one thing that I knew was possible but I struggled for a little bit to find the exact way to override values set in params.

It turns out there is a cascade: config key that lets you do this from any resource that has frontmatter. docs for cascade:

For example in my posts/, I have the following:

title: "Posts"
date: 2022-06-13T20:55:37+01:00
draft: false

  showDate: true
  showTaxonomies: true
  showWordCount: true

This way, all the content in and under posts will have these params set. You can also do this with individual posts, say if you want a different layout from the global config.