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Customizing Spotify With Spicetify

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I recently learned about a project called spicetify that allows you to customize the theme of your Spotify client and I thought I would share.

Installing it is a few commands on all platforms and people have already made tons of themes and extensions.


Example #

This is what my Spotify looks like with the “Spicy” theme:



Configuration #

Customizations are stored in a config file located at:

  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\.spicetify\config.ini
  • Linux: ~/.config/spicetify/config.ini
  • MacOS: ~/spicetify_data/config.ini

Themes #

To get themes, you can clone the community themes repo and copy them to these directories

  • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\.spicetify\Themes\
  • Linux: ~/.config/spicetify/Themes
  • MacOS: ~/spicetify_data/Themes

Extensions #

Spicetify even has extensions that people have written to improve the spotify experience. These are enabled by editing the config file (just like themes).

One of the main ones that I appreciate is the “ Shuffle+” extension, which allows you to reshuffle the contents of a queue in a fashion that is more random. I also really like the idea of the “ Trashbin” extensions where you can pick songs that you never want to hear ever again.

If you feel like the plain old spotify client is lacking in features or UX/UI, I highly recommend checking out spicetify.