Re-Learning How to Solve The Rubiks Cube

It was another restless night with not even the slightest chance of sleep - I picked up the rubicks cube that I had a gotten a few years ago on christmas… or perhaps it was the cube that kept me up restlessly. It was time for me to learn the secrets of this plastic puzzle - onece again!

Initially I had learned the basic solving steps a few years ago (bottom->top), but had not comitted them to memory (at least not to the long-term kind)

Tips for doing basic solve

  1. The color of the center piece of a cube determines the color for that whole face and is foundational to solving.
  2. Similarly, edge pieces and corner pieces will require different algorithms to move around (hopefully to the right spot).
  3. Rotating and practicing the right/lefty (R U R’ U’ and L’ U’ L U) algorithm will be extremely beneficial when starting out. Get these motions down pat, becuase you will be doing them many many times
  4. Do not stop in the middle of doing a rotation/algorithm. Try to think of it as one atomic step.

A good tutorial vid